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Peter Crichton

The Clockhouse

6 Northgate Avenue

Bury St Edmunds


IP32 6BB


Tel: 01284 701304


[email protected]

Peter Crichton markets large numbers of store and finished pigs on

a liveweight and deadweight basis.


3000 + weaners, finished pigs  and cull sows are marketed weekly via Sudbury Pigs.

Specialist pig consultancy advice nationwide.

Email: [email protected] for weekly prices.

Ideally Norfolk/Suffolk

Must be straw based Freedom Food Standard

500-1000 plus finishing pig places with top per pig place

payments made plus FCR and weight bonus.


For further details please apply to Peter Crichton

Independent Outdoor Pig Producer

Requires Contract Finishing Space


eAML2 Pig Licences and FCI Forms


As you may know major changes are in hand to the way in which pig movement Licences are issued and combining these with FCI (Food Chain Information) forms.  For those with internet connections you can now go to and register as a producer and there are step by step instructions telling you how to do this after which you will receive a user name and password.  Thereafter you can set up movement details via your computer and/or use your mobile phone to confirm the actual number of pigs and the registration number of the transporter but you will still need to print a haulier summary to give to him or keep yourself if self hauling.


For any problems please contact the BPEX helpline 0844 335 8400.  For those of you without access to the internet you can fax BPEX the details of the Licence movement on 0247 6478903 but will need to do this several days in advance or if you are in some of the remoter parts of Norfolk and Suffolk where fax machines are also hard to find, applications can be sent and received by post to BPEX at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CB8 2TL but I should allow a week for this.


It is however the responsibility of all producers to obtain the appropriate eAML2 movement licence and I suggest that you familiarise yourself with the new system before the 1st April official start date (which happens to be on a Sunday!). For further details click on the Quick Start guide.

eAML2 Quick Start Guide


Finisher Space Wanted

Peter Crichton - The Clockhouse - 6 Northgate Avenue - Bury St. Edmunds - Suffolk - IP32 6BB

Tel:  01284 701304